Homeschooling the Only Child - an iHomeschool Hangout on Air 

Watch Jimmie Lanley, Renee Brown, and Sallie Borrink discuss homeschooling an only child in this recorded hangout. (Dianna Kennedy and Marlene Griffith moderate.) Although they are honest about the challenges, they are also very sure of the advantages and encourage you to consider homeschooling your only child even if you have the added challenges of a special needs learner.

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Highlights From the Panel

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06:55 How Jimmie Lanley responds when moms of many say how easy she has it as a mom of only one.
07:25 Dianna Kennedy: Attention doesn't equate with spoiling. 8:00 Sallie Borrink says her biggest challenge is being her daughter's primary playmate.
11:49 Teaching children to play alone.
14:44 Having company over is easy for a mom of an only.
15:45 Renee Brown talks about the difference between introverts and extroverts.
20:15 Sallie Borrink shares how teaching one is easier. She can customize instruction. (Sallie was a classroom teacher, and she compares that experience to homeschooling.)
23:12 Jimmie Lanley reminds moms that every child can have a bad year. Don't feel guilty for something that is not your fault or in your control.
24:30 Renee Brown talks about the advantages of homeschooling an only (versus many). Just because you have an only doesn't mean money is unlimited. Moms of an only don't get the benefit of multiple child discounts.
25:55 Biases against families who homeschool an only.
28:27 Feeling you have to defend having "just one." Online versus in-real-life biases against moms of onlies.
31:50 Think before you speak or ask personal questions especially in public with strangers. Keep comments positive not nosy.
33:15 Do you know other moms who homeschool only children? (Jimmie and Sallie know none. Renee knows 4 families, but she was very deliberate to seek them out.)
35:19 How do you provide socialization experiences? Academic opportunities, church, playdates.
38:58 Jimmie Lanley: You have to make socialization a priority, but say no to the guilt!
40:08 Socialization provides opportunities to address what kids with siblings learn at home (sharing, cooperation, bullying, negotiating)
42:22 Socialization experiences provide positive peer pressure.
44:44 What do you enjoy about homeschooling?
45:30 Renee Brown: When you homeschool an only child, you develop a bond unlike any other.
46:00 Sallie Borrink: Even on the most frustrating of days, I remember how blessed I am to work at home and spend so much time with my daughter, mentoring and discipling her one on one.

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