About the Authors of Homeschooling an Only Child

Jimmie Lanley and Amy Stults have even more than homeschooling an only child in common. They are also co-owners of iHomeschoolNetwork, a social media company.

Jimmie Lanley

Jimmie is mom to Emma, a creative teen whose interests center on art, foreign language, and social science. Emma not only is an only child but also was raised in a land of only children—China. After living in China for over eight years, the Lanley family moved to Tennessee where they currently reside. With the wonder of the Internet, Jimmie is able to work full-time from home. Among her many ventures is iHomeschool Network, a social media company that she co-owns with Amy Stults. You can see her homeschool side at her two blogs Jimmie’s Collage and The Notebooking Fairy. For a glimpse at her professional side, see JimmieLanley.com.

Amy Stults

Amy is a Christian wife of 15 years to her knight in shining armor and mommy to their 11-year-old boy wonder. They have homeschooled for 7 years using a classical, literature-rich method. A die-hard Trekkie, she adores her husband and son, all things British, sweet tea, small kitchen appliances, and holidays, even the silly ones like National Eat Like a Hobbit Day. Amy has a passion for genealogy and a love for helping others trace their family trees to learn more about their roots. You can find her co-managing iHomeschool Network and blogging at Milk and Cookies.